sreda, 13. junij 2012

The biggest smile appears over my face.

"Once you have me, don't stop doing the things it took to get me. Don't stop sending me those cute silly text messages that you would always send me, just to simply tell me that I'm on your mind. Because even though to you it may seem like it's nothing big, to me, everytime I get those text messages, the biggest smile appears over my face and you send butterflies storming through my stomach. Don't stop telling me how much I mean to you because if you don't express your feelings for me from time to time, I'll get confused and start to think that you've lost interest me. I'm not asking for a whole lot from you. I'm just asking you to never stop showing your affection towards me. Because not only does that hurt, but I'll get mixed thoughts running through my mind about it all."

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